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Ghostface to release new material

Ghostface has announced he is to record an album with Method Mad and Raekwon.

The prolific rapper hasn’t got a title for the album but said in an interview that production is likely to begin within the next few months. He added:

“Everybody goes in — [Raekwon] gets four songs, I get four songs, [Meth] gets four. Start coming around like that and seeing what we can do. Make a little phat, tight one. I told Meth the other day, ‘It’s gotta be phat and tight. We don’t need 16, 19 joints on there. Nah, nah, nah — 12 phat bullets. We do it like that, and that’s it.’ That’s gonna happen soon. It will probably be out by the end of the year or January, and that’s that.”

Phat bullets. That’s realness right there.