Fugazi live recording from Kilburn National, 1990


Fugazi released the live audio as part of their Live Series today recorded at the Kilburn National in London in 1990 on Wednesday 19th September.

It was James Sherry’s 19th Birthday, so we went down there to have the best night out ever. In fact so much so, that I was getting crushed at the front so badly that Ian Mackaye asked the crowd to cut me some slack and then asked me to get up on stage to watch the rest of the show from there. So there I sat, stage left, like a dumbass, (a very proud one though) throughout a few songs at the end of the show. I will never forget it and have been waiting for this recording to drop since it launched.

Fugazi were supported by Silverfish and Didgits the audio for this show, download for $5 here. The footage from this show is below, we have on VHS somewhere in the archives too.