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Fugazi live audio from Nottingham UK in 2002 released

June 24th, 2013 by Zac

Dischord Records have uploaded a live show from Nottingham’s Rock City recorded back on the 23rd October back in 2002.

This is part of their live series that they have been rolling out this year, streaming every live show they recorded whilst on tour. Genius stuff, from a band that were always way ahead of everyone else.

If you were at this show, click here to download the audio. You can pay $5 for this, which is a bargain, or if you are cheap shit, pledge your own amount.

The tracklist is: 1. Intro 2. Guilford Fall 3. Cashout 4. Downed City 5. Styrofoam 6. Interlude 1 7. Full Disclosure 8. Interlude 2 9. Stacks 10. Target 11. Furniture 12. Oh 13. Reclamation 14. Give Me The Cure 15. Waiting Room 16. Lockdown 17. Recap Modotti 18. Closed Captioned 19. Rend It 20. Epic Problem 21. Number 5 22. Encore 23. Smallpox Champion 24. Argument 25. Nightshop 26. Promises.


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