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Doherty’s weekend romp!

With a court appearance scheduled this morning to be sentence for several drug offences (including the possession of heroin, cocaine and cannabis) you’d have thought it advisable for Babyshamble’s frontman Pete Doherty to keep a low profile and stick to the straight and narrow for a while.

However Reports are rising of the Kate Moss’s lover trashing a room at the trendy Malmaison Hotel in Clerkenwell. According to sources the troubled singer went on a rampage, breaking mirrors, electrical equipment, emptying the mini bar and causing what amounts to thousands of pounds worth of damage to his room.

A spokesman from the hotel (a favourite with more gentile stars like Kylie Minogue and George Micheals) added ‘We’re used to rock stars here -but this is a whole different level, and is simply not the sort of behaviour one would expect, especially in view of Mr Doherty’s court appearance today‘. There was no comment as to whether Ms Moss was with Doherty last night.