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DOA best of revealed

A singles collection of D.O.A’s best moment is being released.

Punk Rock Singles 1978-1999 will feature 26 tracks collecting every single and B side from Disco Sucks to the present day. The whole set of tracks has been remastered and is set for release this month. The tracklisting for the collection is:

Disco Sucks
Nazi Training Camp
Royal Police
Woke Up Screaming
The Prisoner
13 (1978)
World War 3
Whatcha Gonna Do? (1979)
Fucked Up Ronnie
The Enemy
My Old Man’s A Bum
New Wave Sucks (1981)
Fuck You
Burn It Down (1982)
General Strike
That’s Life (1983)
Billy and the Socreds (1986)
The Only Thing Green
Folsom Prison Blues, (1993)
It’s Not Unusual
Dead Men Tell No Tales (1994)
Marijuana Motherfucker (1996)
Beat ‘Em, Bust’Em (1997)
World Falls Apart
Used to Be Revolution (1998)
Nervous Breakdown (1999)