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Dirty Pretty Things Play Road Safety Gig

Dirty Pretty Things and Metro Riots are to play a show in London to highlight the need for heightened road safety. Road crashes claim many lives and most recently occurred on the M25 after the V festival last month and there has been a spate of fatal accidents involving teens and people in their early twenties travelling late at night.

The two bands will play the gig in London on September 13th to draw attention to this and to point out that worldwide, someone is killed in a road crash every 30 seconds. The gig, for the Make Roads Safe campaign, was inspired by the deaths of 3 teenagers, following a gig that Dirty Pretty Things had played.

Anthony Rossomando, the guitarist of Dirty Pretty Things, said:

“We need to do more to highlight the fact that 1.2 million people are needlessly killed on the roads around the world each year. This is why Dirty Pretty Things are supporting the Make Roads Safe campaign.”

And Edmund King, spokesman for the Make Roads Safe campaign, said:

“The deaths of so many of our young people in such a short time should be a cause for national concern. We need to make young drivers aware of the dangers they face, particularly when driving at night, and that is why we have teamed up with Dirty Pretty Things to raise awareness about the scale of road deaths both here in the UK and across the world’.

The concert has now sold out but make sure you do your bit to support the Make Roads Safe campaign, it needs as much support as possible.