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Deranged Records news

86 Mentality will be recording and releasing their 3rd 7″ for Deranged in 2007. Haymaker will be coming out of retirement for a show in Baltimore in January, and even if you can’t get to that, keep your eyes peeled for their compilation CD which is due out in March.

Career Suicude’s album, Attempted Suicide, is due out in mid-January. Jon Drew is handling the production on this hardcore release with Brandon Ferrell on the drums. You can check out a track by clicking here.

Also available is the new Bayonettes 7″, which follows the Stuck In This Rut/Sour release, and you can pick up on coloured vinyl at the online store. The new track, We’re Doomed, is a nod to punk’s past and is setting the band up for a tour of the US and Europe in 2007.

Violent Minds have their new EP done and dusted and will be looking to release it in February or March next year with plans of touring in Europe to back it up. Another group with a release in March is the Tranzmitors, who hope to bring out their full length then. In the meantime, you can pick up their 4th single, which is out now.

Terminal State are also busy with new material too, with their follow up to their last 12″ EP coming in the form of a new 7″ which will give fans a taste of what is to come with their full length, which is due out later in 2007. You can check a preview at or pick up the mp3 by clicking here.

Finally, The Red Dons, a new band with Doug from the Observers and Clorox Girls’ Justin, will be putting out a new release around February. In addition to this, Doug has also started a new band, The Revisions, and you can check them out over at their myspace.