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Deerhoof release new album

Deerhoof have finished their new album.

Offend Maggie will be released on the Kill Rock Stars label and the band will release one song from the album as a downloadable written score for fans to record and share themselves. The album, with the Deerhoof version of the song, will be released on October 7th. The tracklisting for the album is:

Act 1
1. Offend Maggie
2. Fresh Born
3. Chandelier Searchlight
4. The Tears and Music of Love
5. Buck and Judy
6. Dont Get Born
7. My Purple Past

Act 2
8. Basket Ball Get Your Groove Back
9. Numina
10. This Is God Speaking
11. Eaguru Guru
12. Snoopy Waves
13. Jagged Fruit
14. Family of Others