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Crumbsuckers return!

Back in the 1980’s, the genre crossover metal made it’s mark in venues and skateparks all over the planet but was engineered by bands in the USA such as Cro-Mags, DRI, Anthrax, Agnostic Front, Gang Green, Ludichrist, and many more who bridged the gap between metal and hardcore.

In 1983, Crumbsuckers from NYC formed on the Lower East Side and by 1986 they had released ‘Life of Dreams’, a record that every kid in the scene had if they knew what was going on.

20 years later, the band have reformed for European shows scheduled for February 2007, so watch this space for tour dates, it will be a blast from the past that will either be amazing or your worst nightmare, i guess it’s up to the boys to make sure they play thier debut album and leave the embarressing ‘Beast on My Back‘ in the 80’s.

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