Brighton’s Strange Cages debut cathartic new single


Spat with venom, frontman Charlie McConnochie claims “I’m not a bitter person”. However, with a sound akin to the fervour of a bad trip, ‘Catharsis’ is a lucid outpour seeping a paranoid sweat. Seething and unrestrained, the latest single of the Brighton trio sees a minor departure from the coolly delivered desert psych the band had debuted with.

With visuals that swirl and contort, Strange Cages’ latest video meets the deranged psychosis of their ‘cathartic release’. The perfect tonic to this insanity is nothing more than the motorik undertones of the track. “There’s actually a five minute version with a long kraut intro that might one day surface”, McConnochie says of the track, recorded by Lauro Zanin from the Brighton band Wax Machine at Studio 284. Watch the video below.

Strange Cages will support Night Beats tonight at Brighton’s The Hope and Ruin. Get tickets here.

Words: Yasmyn Charles