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Blood Red Shoes album details

Blood Red Shoes have announced the details of their debut album.

The album will be called Box Of Secrets and will hit the shops on April 14th. The album title was explained by Laura-Mary of the band saying:

“It means things that we can talk about with each other, but that we can’t share with anyone else. Sometimes one of us will say something, and then the other will be like, ‘There’s something for the box of secrets’… The box is getting pretty full now.”

The album will feature the following songs:

‘Doesn’t Matter Much’
‘You Bring Me Down’
‘Try Harder’
‘Say Something Say Anything’
‘I Wish I Was Someone Better’
‘Take The Weight’
‘This Is Not For You’
‘It’s Getting Boring By The Sea’
‘Forgive Nothing’
‘Hope You Are Holding Up’