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Band of the Day: Warm Brains

warmbrainsThere are some people in the UK that can’t stop making music and thrive on it so much that they can’t stop playing the stuff live – Warm Brains‘ pilot Rory Attwell is one of the members of this flying club.

You may remember him from his days of playing in energetic spazzcore band Test Icicles or even the edgy female fronted punk band Kasms – 2 totally different sounding bands that have graced the pages of the music press and entertained many along the way.

Rory has also spent a lot of time producing bands in the studio such as Male Bonding, S.C.U.M, the White Rose Movement and many others but has found time to write songs, this time for his own benefit. His latest project Warm Brains has been written and recorded by himself and swaps the brash, spiky side to his musical past for a more mellow indie sound crossed with an occasional blast of 90’s post grunge that you would find on records such as Brainiac and Polvo. Listen to some of the songs from the forthcoming album Old Volcanoes below and look out for the vinyl release in June this year on Marshall Teller Records.

Music Player by Warm Brains