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Bad Religion update

More news incoming on Bad Religion’s forthcoming album sessions. Jay Bentley of the band has said:

“Brooks is heading down to Australia with Tenacious D this month, and Brian, Hetson and myself are heading to Vegas for the punk rock bowling tournament. Greg and Brett are busily putting on the final touches to their songs and as soon as Brooks gets back we’re heading to Cleveland, Ohio to play with Paramore, Pennywise and the Bouncing Souls at the Warped Tours’ induction into the rock and roll hall of fame…

After that we’re going to start working on the new record in February, recording in Hollywood. Graffin will be teaching this semester at UCLA, so he’ll be bouncing back and forth between the studio and the classroom. We’ll kidnap him for the summer when we go out on the Warped Tour and yes, we are doing the entire tour”

Watch this space!