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Apathy Offers Beats

Connecticut rapper Apathy has posted up on his myspace that he is going to start selling beats to people, if the price is right. The Demi Godz crew member said the following:

“It’s to the point now, where I have thousands of beats piling up. Even after producing projects for people in my crew… outside my crew, and everything in between. I really don’t want my beats to go unheard, or wasted.

So I’m gonna start selling beats. Notice I said “selling”.

* No free beats… I dont give a fuck what or who you are, or where you come from. No free beats. *

Hit me up if you’re intersted.

Serious inquiries only please.”

So if you want to grab a piece of Apathy’s beatmaking and you have the moolah ready, hit up and see what you can do.