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Passive Aggressive
(Free Download)

Freebies are always good. Even better when said freebie is actually really rather special. Marmozets’ average age is 17 years, yet they have produced an EP that belies their lack of years and consists of some ace melodic post-hardcore. Their edge of more yelpy vocals, slightly schizophrenic guitar lines and crashing drumbeats is leveled out by the purest of melodies and some catchy choruses. This band are proving early on that their knack for songwriting is not one to be sniffed at.

Occasional triple vocals led by an assured Becca MacIntyre as the band’s frontwoman (or girl, really) make the band stand out and ensure that the family affair of a band (the quintet consists of two sets of brothers and sisters) are one that won’t be ignored. They’ve already received plaudits from the likes of Kerrang! and Dan Carter on the Radio 1 Rock Show. This won’t be an underground act for much longer.

The overwhelming result of this EP is to highlight the band’s immense potential as major players on the UK rock scene. Make sure you catch them in small venues whilst you can and definitely snap up a copy of this release on the free download wire before they, quite rightfully, start charging you for the pleasure.