Live Reviews

Wolfmother – Live

Brixton Academy

If you’ve not heard of this band or any of their material, then you are missing out on a music revolution! You should definitely sync your ears to their digital cassettes, as their debut album is a work of genius that portraits rock ‘n’ roll in its purest form.

They seem influenced by an early Black Sabbath, 2 lumps of Zeppelin, a pinch of Hendrix and a stir of White Stripes. It’s a tasteful blend indeed, but their individuality shines through and they have a very unique sound that makes them so accepting to the rock ‘n’ roll family.

Live at Brixton, the Southern Hemisphere trio knocked out a performance that put me right back in the 70’s, of which I really don’t remember much as I was merely an infant, but I experienced a sense of nostalgia of an era I’ve only read about. They belted out every song of their new album and it really set the place on fire with an electric buzz burning throughout the shinny halls of Brixton, it kicked arse to say the least!!! These guys sound so good live, I honestly can’t wait to witness them again.

They rolled in with ‘Dimension’, a powerful opener that set the rest of the evening off in style. My flatmate, who kept going to bar every 5 minutes, is a direct offspring from the 70’s, but one with more energy than 4 year old on Columbian Blend, Red Bull and enough speed to jump a 100ft gap with a school bus…He’s a loon and made sure that we don’t suffer the slightest symptoms of drought.

Halfway through the set they hit up ‘Woman’, a timeless classic already and we were raging away like it was 1999, a year when time was an uncertainty! My hand-eye coordination was slightly damaged by the end of the gig, at which point they thought it good to play ‘Colossal’, another fucking brilliant track and a great way to draw the curtains on what has arguably been my favourite gig of 2006.

Like I said, if you haven’t got it, go and get it…its fucking worth every penny, unless you’re skint, in which case you’ll have to go to their myspace page or website to stream the tracks online.

Wolfmother – A blast from the past with a fresh stamp of approval