Live Reviews

Winnebago Deal – Live

with Exit Ten and The Blackout,
London Metro,

The Blackout are an energetic bunch, to the extent that they’re not even halfway through their first song when blonde co-vocalist Sean Smith accidentally collides with the drumkit. Given that they hail from South Wales, comparisons to recent tour buddies Lostprophets are inevitable; but whilst songs like ‘Go Burn City Hall‘ and ‘You And Your Friends‘ are mining heavier territory than Ian Watkins’ crew’s recent output, the Blackout are on the lips of every rock magazine right now and righty so.

The drama factor increases with Exit Ten, who take the stage bathed in strobe lights before blitzing the front rows with some monolithically heavy thrash riffing. Originality isn’t their forte either, but the occasional Killswitch Engage-ism can be forgiven for a band with such a knack for a stadium-sized chorus; not least on ‘Resume Ignore‘ which is lifted by Ryan Redman’s soaring vocals to genuinely epic heights. Be sure to keep an eye out for this lot.

A bomb is most effective when detonated in an enclosed space, and as Winnebago Deal explode into life with a thunderous ‘With Friends Like These‘, it’s clear that small, sweaty clubs like the Metro are their ideal environment.

The Oxford duo inject a much-needed dose of punk rock aggression into the proceedings; whether ripping through ‘Cobra‘ like Motorhead on speed, or uniting the crowd for the shout-along chorus of ‘Did It, Done It, Doing It Again‘, these guys exude a wonderfully evil sense of purpose as they give our eardrums a thorough punishing.

This is rock n’ roll at its most visceral and intense, and tonight Winnebago Deal ensure that we leave feeling exhausted but satisfied. Job done.

WordsAlex Gosman
Photo’s by Niki Kova’cs