Live Reviews

Vans Warped Tour 2007

Amphitheater Car Park, Minneapolis

Getting to an already packed out queue to go into an enormous car park at the baseball stadium of the Twins in the blazine heat wasn’t my idea of fun. However, a quick phonecall later and my guestlist wristband was letting me jump infront of huge numbers of emo-by-numbers kids and straight into the shade.

After catching up with some of the Doomtree cats at their merch booth, we went over to see Chiodos on one of the bigger stages and though I can’t say I was really into their music [which basically went scream-singsong-brush hair out of eyes-singsong-scream], the hoardes of kids that were pushing their way to get a look in seemed to love every second of it.

Wandering around catching glimpses of the likes of Funeral For A Friend, Biffy Clyro and Bad Religion was interesting, seeing which type of fan went to see which band, before we went over to the hip hop part of the tour – a small tent with some laminated flooring outside. Just in time too as we caught One BeLo‘s set which he rocked perfectly despite most people walking past the tent as a passage to the mainstage.

After the former Binary Star rapper had done his thing, it was time for the Doomtree invasion. Billed as a solo set from Mike Mictlan followed by another solo set from Sims, it descended into almost a full crew show with P.O.S. and Dessa getting in on the vocal action and MK Larada being chill by the side of the stage. Hearing the new songs that I’d heard at last year’s Blowout was amazing as each of the 4 rappers gave the ever-increasing crowd in their hometown their own invidivual steelo.

After a little break to go and make the most of a nearby air conditioned Thai restaurant [thanks in no short measure to our guest bands allowing us re-entry to the event!], we went to watch the always explosive Gallows. Standing on the stage and looking at the crowd who began quite tentative but then grew into a rushing circle pit was a great site.

And though no-one in the crowd could understand a single word Frank said until the word “cunt” was uttered, the Watford boys made the most of the 25 minutes they had been allocated, ending with Orchestra Of Wolves including a guest appearance by a cetain member of Poison The Well on guitar.

All in all, despite the 90+ temperatures, it was a brilliant day out. Doomtree blew it up for the Twin Cities and Gallows repped their end for the UK, a perfect mix for your favourite travelling reviewer.

Words and photos by Abjekt.