Live Reviews

Thrice Vs. Coheed & Cambria

Brixton Academy

A huge sense of excited anticipation fills Brixton Academy tonight as the strange mix of goths and geeks await the arrival of the battle of prog rock gods, Thrice Vs. Coheed and Cambria.

The last time Thrice graced our soil was September 2005 and this long wait shows in the enthusiasm of the fans. As the ambient yellow light preys down on the stage Thrice enter to a raucous applause, Dustin Kensrue enters alone to a pre-recorded intro that winds the audience up as they take their time to begin. The quiet slow start soon makes way to enormous riffs and soaring melodies they are famed for. The pit starts to move but the rest of the crowd seem dumbstruck, just staring as the band writhe around on stage, only joining in by nodding their heads to the beat. Past hits such as Artist In My Ambulance start to engage the crowd a bit more, but you do get the impression that everyone is just waiting for Claudio and his cohorts to take over.

So they do with one of the best performances I have seen from this band. Coheed fans are like no other, this is more than just music, this is a way of life. Dragon fly tattoos adorn many an arm here tonight and everyone shows their appreciation by singing along to practically every word. Favourites such as Favor House Atlantic and the huge anthem Welcome Home give this heavy set light relief. Claudio’s awkward shy manner is non existent as he engages the crowd with showman like guitar playing that has now become his trademark. The ten minute finale does slightly take its toll and as the band finally leave the stage, the eerie winged guillotine drops and puts an end to this energetic engaging set. If this was a battle between bands there is clearly one winner.

Victoria Barrio