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The Flesh – Live

Brixton Windmill

The Green Monkey Experiments (GME) seem to be working out well, because the monkeys have evidently grown sharper teeth in the last couple of months. “All our songs are NIN rip-offs’ deadpans singer/guitarist Scoot, but whilst these three guys and their drum machine do indeed borrow liberally from Trent Reznor’s early work, there’s a distinct Metallica-esque guitar crunch that lends an extra dimension to songs like ‘Modern Way‘. The electro-rock banana is theirs for the taking.

Dear Thief are an equally dance-worthy proposition, sounding not unlike a funkier Pixies; with tight bass lines and scratchy guitars set against vocalist Yusuf’s urgent, almost spoken-word delivery. Considering that they’re a local band of sorts, it’s about time people started keeping a Neighbourhood Watch on this lot.

It seems odd that The Flesh aren’t yet media darlings; after all, they hail from New York, look ultra stylish, and have recently released a brilliantly eclectic album in ‘Firetower’. Despite the average turnout, they put on a great show – bringing a touch of glamour to this cosy south London pub with their addictive hybrid of indie, punk and soulful R&B influences. But the real genius of their live show lies in the contrast between vocalists Gabriella and Nat; she a sultry presence with a soulful voice, he a mad guitar dervish who howls into the mic like the Mr Hyde of rock n’ soul. Oh, and if they don’t make you wanna dance, you’d better check your pulse.

Don’t be surprised if just about everyone wants a bite of The Flesh when they return in the autumn. Until then, be proud to call them our little secret.

Alex Gosman
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