Live Reviews

The Cool Kids – Live

Scala, London

A half-full Scala might not be the most appealing sight for a group to walk out to, but after hearing the DJ’s short intro set which featured Fam-Lay’s Da Beeper Song [made famous by Sinden’s reworking] and Fresh Prince’s Summertime, The Cool Kids walked out to a crowd ready for a party.

The Illinois duo, Mikey Rocks and Chuck Inglish, didn’t let the sparse crowd faze them, running through tracks from their upcoming Bake Sale EP including the brilliant One Two, 88, Little Bit Cooler before bringing out “one of your own” when Killa Kela headed onto the stage to add to the beat of I [Mikey] Rock and rocking Gold And A Pager over an M.I.A. beat.

The rappers’ interaction with the people in front of them was what helped make the night so good, with Inglish telling us all he wanted a party and got his DJ playing Snoop and Kriss Kross to the delight of everyone in attendance. He proceeded to ask who was the drunkest person in the venue before pulling the winner of the dubious accolade on stage and getting him to dance before granting his wish of playing Bassment Party.

The two worked well with each other too, most spectacularly when Mikey asked why Chuck hadn’t put his hand in the air when asking the crowd to. “I had a microphone in it” came the reply. “Well use the other one. You ugly, but you got two hands!”. “What if I had four hands yo?” was Chuck’s response. “Then,” said Mikey, walking away from him “You’d be a mutant. You fucking dick.”

So when the fun finally ended, after hearing Black Mags and Jinglin’ and Chuck said “We want you to go to your friends and say ‘Yo, you know those Cool Kids dudes? No? Well fuck you, they’re sweet'”, you knew you’d seen the beginning of something special.

Oh and to the hot nerdy dame dancing at the front near the stage, I should really have macked on you for a bit. Guess I’m just not cool enough.