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Son Of Dave – Live

Madam Jojo’s – London
21st February 2008

After all these years I really should know better: there’s no such thing as a quiet drink with Harrison. So when I got a phone call from him at one minute to five, telling me that Son of Dave was playing tonight and our names where on the door I really should have said no and hung up, But I didn’t.

Surrounded by the seediness of Brewer and Old Compton Street, Madame JoJo’s in Soho is a great little venue to watch live music. Sliding up to the bar as the support entertained, a mixed crowd soon filled the place as the street above filtered in around us, along with a fine array of hats and facial hair.

Ben Darvill (aka Son of Dave) of course, was the best dressed of them all, with his handmade brogues and 50’s hats, cotton trousers and a wizard’s coat. Harmonica in his left hand and shaker in his right, he belted out songs such as ‘Goddamm‘ and ‘Devil Take My Soul‘. Stamping his feat to loop beats and screaming through his harp mike, he distorted out of his old Vox amp to create a hip hop, bluegrass sound that you couldn’t help but move to.

Mixing it all up with his dark wit and even bringing the audience on stage to drink with him – the whole performance was mesmerising. With husky backing singers adding yet another dimension the show didn’t fail to entertain yet again. I’ve heard his sound recorded in the past and, though it sounds great, it doesn’t do him justice: you simply have to see him live. And you can – he’s on tour round the UK for the next few months.

Needless to say we left the club in high spirits, that rolled on until the early hours … and ended with bad hangovers and no work done the next day – but better for it. As I say, it’s never a quiet drink with Harrison.

Review by Colesy
Pic by Harrison