Live Reviews

Scribble Jam 2006

Taking some time out to travel to America is great anyway, but when I do it and get to go to the best underground hip hop festival in the world, it makes it that much better. Words might not be able to do it justice but check out a selection of photos taken from my time there and think about jetting out there for the event in 2007 – you won’t be disappointed!

Left: Welcome to Annies! This is the place where all the magic happens, follow the horse. Right: Akrobatik kicks it off in style with some heavy shit.

Left: One of the reasons I was so looking forward to the event was the appearance of the Juggaknots, they didn’t disappoint. Right: Pigeon John rounded the Friday off with some typically fun styled hip hop. Digging that hat!

Left: Big Bad Fat Ass Muh’fucking Brother Ali walks with a swagger and a smile. One of the highlights without a doubt. Right: Murs, complete with nappy hair and pink trainers did a wicked job hosting the Saturday and his set was the shit too.

Left: Glue bust out the jams with some amazing new material and take the entire festival by storm. Right: The judges [including Illogic, Adeem, Pumpkinhead and Luckyiam.PSC] get ready to witness the famed MC Battle.

Left: Hangar 18 get the crowd jumping and even bust out some moves like Carlton from Fresh Prince. Booya! Right: The view from our hotel – From beautiful sun in Minneapolis where we stayed with our friend to this London-esque Ohio climate. Great!

Left: Before the event started, eager to get on with the hip hop. Right: After the 12 hour car journey back to Minneapolis. The faces say it all.

On the way I picked up about 20 free CDs, 4 free t-shirts, had conversations with untold rappers and generally chilled with great people and amazing music. Seeing Brother Ali, Glue, Murs, Pigeon John, Hangar 18, Juggaknots, Jel, Mr Dibbs, Akrobatik, Ernie Rhodes, Luckyiam.PSC, Big Daddy Kane, and some incredible battles all in one place was like walking into paradise. Like MC Hammer says, you can’t touch this!