Live Reviews

Poison The Well – Live

with The Plight
Camden Barfly

Ah, aren’t Barfly tours just the best? The chance to see your heroes in tiny venues, packed in there like a bunch of sweaty sardines…all in the name of some bleedin’ good rock and roll. And talking of good rock and roll, main (and only) support The Plight provide the perfect appetizer to tonight’s headliners. Every song may sound remarkably similar but their Every Time I Die-infused punk-tinged rock and roll is intriguingly fun to watch. Being on Visible Noise Records alongside giants such as Lostprophets and Bring Me The Horizon is clearly doing them no harm so expect to see them on more high-profile support slots as they come.

As good as The Plight were, there is clearly only one band the people are here to see tonight. Having already toured their latest album ‘Versions‘ last year (in support of Gallows) it means that tonight is more of a greatest hits set as opposed to a ‘let’s plug the new album as much as we can‘ set. Which is great news for all concerned, as they play roughly around three to four tracks off of all four of their albums. Poison The Well are the type of band who absolutely soar in venues like this and tonight they live up to this by sounding fan-bloody-tastic. Old hits such as ‘12/23/93‘ are greeted with some serious pit action whilst newer, brooding tracks such as ‘Nagaina‘ provide some thankful respite without losing any energy. Whilst it is obvious everyone is waiting for fan-favourite ‘Nerdy‘ (as is apparent from the mass stage invasion when it does come) tonight Poison The Well show once again how well they can transfer their much-varied albums to the live setting.

Nick Calafato