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Persepolis is an animated tale about a typical teenager finding her identity, and learning to deal with the world. In her case, that was the Middle East, but her experiences are universal enough for any Westerner to identify with.

Marjane Satrapi is a survivor and this is her autobiographical story about growing up in Iran during the Islamic revolution of the late 70s. While it sticks to the blunt, monochromatic style of the original graphic novel, the hand-drawn, 2D animations are artistic enough to take it way beyond the usual Hollywood CGI output.

Seen through the eyes of a young Marjane, the political turmoil falls away and a sharp sense of humour and rebellious spirit shine through. To get through the dark times, she turns to music for refuge – and Iron Maiden are a match for her intensity.

With voiceovers by Iggy Pop and Sean Penn, this is a must-see movie, giving you an insider’s view of life in Iran, exploring beyond the stereotypes and propaganda to see the real people underneath. But at the same time, it’ll have you laughing out loud and purring at the sheer beauty of some of the animations, leaving you with a feeling of uplifted indulgence.

Anita Asthana