Live Reviews

Orange Goblin – Live

Saturday April 12th
The Underworld
Camden, London

I’m quite a new comer to all things Stoner / Doom rock, apart from Candlemass. I heard a few Orange Goblin albums from my brother and as always, when growing up he would often introduce me to new amazing bands, he made me listen to Bolt Thrower, Slayer, Sepultura, Obituary, Saxon, Iron Maiden…you get the picture. But also he has developed, with age the world’s shitest fake metal collection, he likes some real crap “Coal Chamber“…god I apologise for my brother some times. So for me I was like “well look Tim, I like some Orange Goblin, but I’m not 100%”. I mean I was thinking that they might be pretty good live, for a start to be on Rise Above and have made a split record with Stoner legends Electric Wizard you have to be doing something right. Now Electric Wizard I am 200% sure about.

Me and Brother Rock headed to see them at the Underworld, the best place to see metal and drink Carlsberg, so I was already half sold by the time I got there. Due to shitting public transport and my day of skating we got there just late enough to get the last few songs by support act Dixie Witch. Who I know nothing of at all and to be honest, it’s really not my thing. They were really good, but I’m not into anything too blues, I know without blues there would be no metal, no Black Sabbath, all that. But also I think with Dixie Witch they were too clean and clear for me.

But by the time Orange Goblin came on, we’d had a few Carlsberg’s, Brother Rock had a few Newcastle’s and Guiness as well. Also he’s managed to pretty much buy all the merch on the Merch stand…he’s heavy and he’s my brother, now rocking a XXL O.G shirt.

They were amazing though, proper rock power. I’m not gonna say they’re metal and I don’t really think they were stoner enough to be stoner. But O.G are really like a Motorhead style rock band, and I really like Motorhead. The sound was proper rough and powerful, doomy at times and really had an edge to it. I think as well, they really suited being that close to the crowd. Ben the lead singer is like a really hairy version of Grim from Freestyle, with a very powerful Pritchard meets Lemmy singing voice. He’s larger and louder than life and really gets the crowd going. I was stoked ‘cos they played a few songs off the 2 albums I know, and the other stuff I didn’t know wasn’t difficult to like straight away. I did like the way he spat beer like an English Zakk Wilde, I love Zakk!!! I’m definitely gonna get a hold of some more O.G when I can.

Brother Rock fucking loved’em, in fact his review is ‘they rocked, end of!’ – a man of few words. If you like down and dirty, blues power rock n’roll go see them or buy a record, you’re not gonna be disappointed.