Live Reviews

Mindless Self Indulgence – Live

The Roundhouse, London

Walking into a Mindless Self Indulgence gig is like accidentally stumbling into a giant Claire’s Accessories. Young kids dressed in various black outfits whilst simulatenously wearing pink angel wings or loosely done up pink tie [and they make such a fuss about wearing one to school, pssh] were the order of the night. That said, as I stood at the back of the venue with the mums, the crowd of over 2,500 got a real treat from the American quartet.

Throughout the night, singer Jimmy Urine dissed the crowd with such simple delights as “fuck, you guys are ugly” and informing them he was going to have sex with them, impregnate them with “alien seed” which would eat them all from the inside out. Lovely. But the audience lapped it up, cheering every insult, screaming at every mention of sex [of which there were many] and generally going ape-shit whenever any noise came from the stage.

The band were on good form and seeing the entire crowd pogoing to their outstandingly fun tracks Bitches, Straight To Video, 1989 and new tracks Never Wanted To Dance and Lights Out was a sight to behold. The height of entertainment for the baying audience was when Urine pulled three girls on stage and told them they would be singing the chorus to the MSI classic Faggot.

It was stupid, it was immature and at times it was cringeworthy. But fuck me, it was fun.