Live Reviews

Lacuna Coil – Live

Manchester Academy

This years release ‘Karmacode‘ may be their most lethargic effort yet but the Italian goth metallers are still one of the more compelling bands around if tonight’s performance is anything to go by.

This is one band that the crowd are fanatical about and as the lights lower, the screams from the floor are almost deafening. Strolling on stage dressed in matching ties and swathed in red light Lacuna Coil certainly look the part.

At just three songs in as ‘Swamped‘ unfurls it’s powerful chorus, the swooning masses duely chip in and are putty in Cristina Scabbia’s hand. But as they continue to treat the swarms of fans to numerous tracks past and present, the thundering riffs and pounding beats pulse along and draw attention to the fact that Lacuna Coil isn’t just about Ms Scabbia anymore. Lacuna Coil are indeed a band of epic proportions and highlights ‘To Live Is To Hide’ and ‘1.19’ find Andi Ferro poised, confident and very much still in control of the crowd.

All in all, tonight’s show is about a band right at the top of their game. With no glitzy backdrops and no fancy lights, they appear, perfectly deliver a collection of impressive songs and leave. It’s no nonsense metal, and you can’t ask for much more than that.

Jane Hawkes