Live Reviews

InMe – Live

Central Station, Wrexham

Tonight’s lively shindig is not full of your average rock fans, the majority of the largely under 18’s crowd are miserable, willowy types dressed head to toe in Topshop clobber desperately trying to look cool.

But after InMe‘s storming set at this year’s Download festival playing to a cacophony of age groups, it’s surprising that we seem to be the only ones old enough to legally buy beer.

As the band hit the stage they seem genuinely glad to be here and as they launch straight into ‘7 Weeks‘ of the highly successful White Butterfly album, it’s clear that they have evolved from the ‘post grunge’ tag that had been lazily attached to them in the past few years.

Now with Dave’s brother Greg McPherson standing along side them on bass, InMe seem to be effortless in their delivery of every single song, pulling off a highly impressive performance and truth be told, these guys are infinitely better live than they are on CD. “You guys are awesome, we are playing what we like and you guys are loving it” mouths front man Dave.

The bands sheer joy at playing the songs they love shines through and rubs off the crowd who sing along to every word. A good mix of old and new material runs through the set, only marred by the exclusion of their best loved song ‘Crushed Like Fruit‘ which the band refuse to play.

Chamber‘ caps a stupendous night that brings a blistering two week tour to it’s remarkable climax. It even leaves the angst-ridden teenagers not only smiling from ear to ear, but whooping in delight and that’s no easy feat. Utterly brilliant.

Janes Hawkes