Live Reviews

Foxy Shazam live

Cross Kings, London
4th December 2009

It’s a cold, wet night in Kings Cross and I’m here off the back of someone with good ears mentioning this band have to be seen to be believed, and that only.

There’s no more than 30 people here to witness a band that are about to make history as the best band performance this pub has ever seen, a quote that was heard from one of the bar staff who sold no drinks in the 35 minutes that Cincinnati, Ohio’s Foxy Shazam took this venue apart at the seams.

Singer Eric Nally had everyone’s attention as he hit the stage with a dose of commanding spiel akin to a ringleader drunk on meths. His emotive display of showmanship is fueled by humourous skits that leave your facial muscles stretched to the hilt but his overall nervous disposition that follows this high can drag those emotions back down to basement level at the speed of a burning lift. Lyrically and in spoken word between songs the man with mustache has a lot to say as he works his mic stand like a snakecharmer before dropping to his knees with a clap. It’s actually quite a unique experience in a modern day music scene where star frontman rarely exist.

The band that backs Nally’s quest for this madness create the perfect backdrop for their fame seeking frontman. Alex Nauth‘s horns and backing vocals accentuate the chaos over a medley of traditional rock riffs. These are cut up with Sky White‘s manic piano and keyboard trickery that are often played by his feet that accentuate this rollercoaster to light speed. It’s a concoction of mayhem and showmanship, theatrical and frantic, it’s broadway and the bigtop clashing with punk rock and 70’s good times but most of all it’s the sunshine that the UK needs as 2010 greets us with a big fat smile on its face!

The bottom line is that Foxy Shazam live will blow you away and leave you happy at the same time. Don’t bother even hearing them on the web first, just go to a show and have an experience and if it doesn’t make your cheeks hurt and make you happy then we will gladly send you your money back.

Photos and words: Zac