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DJ Kentaro – Live


When one of the most technically gifted DJs on the planet comes to your town, you go out and see him. No ifs, no buts, no hair washing – you get off your backside and you hotfoot it to see him. After having witnessed yet another crap display from my football team, I needed a pick me up and thankfully the trip to Cargo provided it.

Mr Doris was on the decks when we strolled into the sparsely populated main room, with the bar area behind us heaving, but it didn’t take long for the bodies to transfer to the dance floor thanks to the funky sounds coming across the airwaves. Ugly Duckling, Skeelo, and Digable Planets were all thrown into the mix before breaking out into a funkfest.

With everyone hyped and ready to go, Kentaro stepped to the stage. Standing by the side of his turntables, I had a perfect view of the maestro as he began manouevering his hands faster than it takes for Palace’s defence to self destruct. With the video screen behind him being manipulated in time to the cuts on his turntables, everyone in the crowd was transfixed.

After fifteen minutes of breaks and a similar amount of time of hip hop, the fun really kicked in. Don’t get me wrong, the first half an hour had people dancing, but when the DnB kicked in, the shit was REALLY popping. Every time you thought the bass was at its most brutal, he kicked it up a level. By the end of his set, the crowd was baying for more, near-clambering on the stage to get more tunes pumping out.

Kentaro played the perfect set. He showcased his incredible ability as a turntablist and merged that in with a killer set list. Too often DJs get so caught up in the cutting that the music loses out, but not with him. It was a superb night and the smile on his face said it all. He loved us, and boy oh boy did we love him.

Konichiwa bitches.

Photo by Chris McShee