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Depeche Mode Live

Wembley Arena

“Enjoy the Synth”

Whilst Playing the angel is making it’s way up the charts, the Basildon synth-poppers headlined at the new Wembley Arena, which has recently seen a £35m facelift. This wasn’t the first time they played the famous venue, and by the sounds of things, definitely not the last!

They kick-started their set with A pain that I’m used to, followed by John the Revelator, two brilliantly composed tunes off their latest album. The stage was set and the atmosphere was electric!!!

Dave Gahan kept fans entertained throughout and started belting out nostalgia for those who lived and experienced Depeche mode in the 80’s! Classics such as Enjoy the Silence, Everything Counts, Policy of Truth, Personal Jesus and many more fit the bill, with recent TOP10 hits Precious and Suffer Well thrown into the mix.

Martin Gore brought the house down with Damaged People and Home, whilst strumming away on his star shape guitar, which was covered in glitter to match his makeup and compliment his black, feathered angel wings.

Andy Fletcher and the 2nd keyboard artist, Peter Gordeno were stood seperately on what looked like silver space donuts, something that could easily have been stolen off the set for Return of the Jedi. Song titles and bizarre lyrics were flashed up on a massive, futuristic like, silver ball that hung from the ceiling with the word SEX lit up in Amsterdam fashion.

It was an amazing show with a sinister set that left me extreme joy! Amazing performance…

“I just cant get Enough”

Grim Candy