Live Reviews

Chromeo – Live

Bush Hall

I’d never been to Bush Hall before last Wednesday, but as soon as I walked in and moved into the main room, I was in awe. It’s not the best venue I’ve ever seen, but there was something about its ornate structure that really lent itself to me.

So when I stood near the stage, before Chromeo had even stepped out, I was smiling and when the DJ mashed up Salt N Pepa’s Push It with Bump by Spank Rock, I knew I was in for some fun.

Then it was time for the main event as Dave1, complete with mocassins with no socks, tight jeans and a dipping V-neck t-shirt under a cream blazer and P-Thugg with his doo-rag and thugged out mentality took the spotlight. They came to the stage as the intro to their new album played, a track which is an anthem in itself, before launching into Tenderoni. From the end of that song on, frontman Dave1 didn’t stop smiling, a genuine smile too, as the crowd were immediately dancing and singing along.

Breaking out the tracks from their first album like Needy Girl, Rage!, Woman Friend and the always brilliant sing-a-long You’re So Gangsta, they looked like they were having fun, something that wasn’t lost on the crowd who reciprocated the love. Throughout the set, the duo’s stage presence was always full of light heartedness and when they played together, back to back, it was a sight to behold.

They strolled through new tracks such as Fancy Footwork, Bona Fide Lovin’, My Girlfriend’s Calling Me A Liar and the sweetly piss-taking Momma’s Boy [“Girl, you got it so bad, when the only boy you know is your day and boy, you got it so wrong, when you look into her eyes and all you really see is your mom, cos you’re a momma’s boy, momma’s boy”] and after they left the stage from their 2nd encore, we’d been treated to as fun a show as I’ve been to in ages.

P-Thugg and his voicebox were brilliant and Dave1’s camp dancing brought that extra touch of 80s chic to the occassion, making sure he was as smoov [“always with a V people” he told us] as he could possibly be. And when the frontman of a group says “I don’t care how tight your jeans are, or how gangster you think you are, you’re gonna dance”, you know there’s only one thing to do…