Live Reviews

Atticus Tour – Live

The Ghost Of A Thousand
The Plight

The Barfly, Camden

Words: Abjekt
Photos: Marianne Harris

I spend most of my time listening to hip hop and other beats-related music, but when a line up as good as this comes around, I couldn’t say no. We got to the venue towards the very end of the Hexes set and even in the short space of time we were there, it is clear to hear their love of Refused.

Blackhole were up next as the confident youngest Carter stepped to the front to tell the crowd “We’re from a place called Hemel and we fucking love playing London”. The cheers subsided and Not That This Is A Bad Thing threw the floor-punching kids into a frenzy, leaving me feeling like the old man I now am. Blazing through Witches and Forever, the Southern Rock tinged band proved they have just what it takes to go places, and justified their addition to the upcoming Every Time I Die tour.

Leeds’ The Plight stormed the stage with the barrelling drum intro to Clarendon, whipping the already pumped crowd up even further, heads thrashing, arms flailing and feet kicking their way around the full Barfly. Pull The Trigger and It Only Gets Worse pounded out before some new tracks were showcased. On the strength of tonight’s performance, The Plight are one of those must-see live bands, they were fucking belting.

Then it was time for headliners The Ghost Of A Thousand. The crowd were baying for the Brighton hardcore five piece and they didn’t disappoint, charging headfirst into the brilliant tracks Left For Dead, Bored Of Math and Black Art Number 1, shouting out their dads and screaming their way so far into people’s eardrums that it was a surprise anyone was left with hearing at the finish.

A truly brilliant night with the 3 main bands giving their all and sucking as much energy from the crowd as they were giving out on stage.