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Adolescents – Live

July 30th, 2008 by Crossfire

Camden Underworld, London

So, finally, but as promised, The Adolescents made it to London. And they looked pretty knackered… almost six weeks on the road is pretty hard going by anyone’s standards, especially for a bunch of old guys, ha!

The Underworld is not my most favourite venue, and for much of the proceedings tonight it was lacking in atmosphere, a very morgue like state. The main fault here was the three less than average support bands that actually got worse as the night progressed. Go figure. Plenty of wiser punters had stayed away until the main attraction… you clever people.

By the time The Adolescents hit the stage there is a very respectable and charged crowd gathered, yelling out requests, and in generally high spirits. Which in essence is what The Adolescents music does… lifts you, gets you singing along… slamming in the pit… shaking your limbs… and still connecting with 28 year old songs about teenage angst, suburban alienation, government lies and.. err… amoeba’s!!

The set was very similar to the one I saw them play last year in Geneva, with a stack of essential sounds from the seminal ‘Blue‘ album, ‘Welcome to Reality‘ EP, plus select cuts from 2nd album “Brats in Battalions” and then some bang up to date numbers from the very respectable comeback record “O.C. Confidential“… the very Clash-inspired “Guns of September” particularly highlighting the vast influence the UK ’77 Punk explosion had on these guys… they sure took their time to get over here and pay the dues!

After two encores the band, especially singer Tony, are spent, and depart to a great reception from the battered and satisfied crowd. Good night, glad I made the trip up… just a shame the promoter couldn’t have managed to get some decent support bands on the bill… grunt, roan… rant… rave…

Pete Craven


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