Live Reviews

A-Trak – Live

Bang Gang DJs

Cargo, London

The Vice-led Stag & Dagger night featured a huge number of acts spread across 15 venues in East London, but as soon as I heard that Bumblebeez and A-Trak were playing Cargo, I knew that the other venues wouldn’t be graced with my presence.

Now, I think the Bumblebeez album is good, but haven’t listened to it as much as I should have for one reason or another, but after this set, I’m going to be spinning it like some kind of circus entertainer with his plates. The huge bass reverberated around Cargo as they bounded on stage to Clubb Clubb and the noise didn’t weaken throughout their set, the highlights of which were Dr Love, Rio and Radio Fabulous.

After their ever-dancing DJ had finished her post-band set, A-Trak took to the stage and got the Hoxtonites moving in that spastic don’t-drop-the-tray way that they do. Jokes aside, though the crowd could have been more live, the atmosphere was great and with the Canadian dropping everything from electro to dubstep, hip hop to bassline, the energy was cranked right up and stayed there throughout. Highlights of the set were hearing Jaylib, Daft Punk, Benga, DJ Assault’s Bounce That Ass and the infamous Papa Roach electro tune that’s now doing the rounds all over the place.

Following A-Trak isn’t an easy task, especially when quite a few people left when he was done, but Australia’s Bang Gang DJs got those who stayed pumping their fists with their large dose of basslines. Admittedly I didn’t stay that long, but in the half an hour they were playing when I was about, it was a fittingly heavy end to the night.