Introducing: The Pack a.d

Last week, 2 Canadian riot girls avoided the volcanic disruption caused by our Icelandic friends and spread their touring seed across the UK’s grottiest venues.

The Pack a.d are guitarist Becky Black and drummer/songwriter Maya Miller – two girls who love getting in a van, blowing the crap out of a venue with their blues soaked rock’n’roll and saying sayanara with a kiss before moving to the next town. We caught up with Maya as they were both leaving the country with a mouthful of Cornish Pasties.

Canadians huh?

Yes, I’m sorry, excuse me, after you, thanks, I’m sorry…

What other Canadian bands do you hang out with?

Bella Coola, Cree, but mostly we hang with Haida.

How did it all happen and when did you get this Pack A.D malarkey together?

Beer made it happen – the malarkey was the reason why we kept going with it.

What’s the deal with the name?

99 pence and it’s yours.

What other names went into the blender before you settled on this one?

Crotch Party, Freudian Slippers, The Ting Tings.

Why is there only 2 of you, can you not afford a bass player or a bloke to make you guys tea?

We can’t stand other people and they generally can’t stand us. We do have a spot open for a tea maker though…although he must be very good looking and not be Angela Lansbury.

What’s the deal with smashing up computers in your latest video?

The deal is that it’s a lot harder than you’d think. Also, beige computers are like beige bras – they shouldn’t exist.

How much of your life do you spend in a screen?

I’m glad you asked this. I think we should just admit now that we’re both holograms. My backside is actually a shark that swims when you bend it.

How embarrassing is that YouTube video ‘Know Your Band Mate’?! ha!

Well, if anyone knew that during the video, Becky peed herself a little, now that would definitely be embarrassing.

Do they really make you do those sorts of things in British Columbia?!

They made us do that one in some American state. In British Columbia they make us do things like knitting circles.

You like boys? If so what do you like/dislike about them?

We like boys. We like them when they will do anything we want. We dislike them when they will do anything we want…and also when they have Prince Valiant haircuts.

How often do you hang out at Skateparks picking up kids in sofas?

Ask the police. I believe they have that information on file.

Explain the process of recording this album compared to the Funeral Mixtape..

We recorded the album in two different sessions which was a big change- also we decided to master it with our friend, Jim Diamond, in Detroit. We didn’t really know how that would go but were very pleased with the results. Other than that…two words…tam…bo.

If you had to pick a song each to the be played as your casket rolls down into the flames what tune would you both pick?

Maya: Toxic by Britney Spears.

Becky: The Final Countdown by Europe.

How many deer’s get killed listening to your music every week on average?

Honestly, I hope none and for this reason, I strongly suggest not allowing Deer to listen to our music. Take the iPod’s out of their hooves. Besides, most Deer I talk to seem to prefer Lady Gaga.

What’s the best story that you have on the road from your mammoth amount of touring?

After a drink-heavy show somewhere in the US, Becky threw up repeatedly into a tiny cup and after every puke, emptied it out the window of our moving van. Not a drop of puke in the van or on her.

Haha! Do you cat fight in transit?

We cat juggle in transit and then use the proceeds to get one cornish pasty and split it.

Any words of wisdom for skateboarders?

Skater boys should skate to our shows because they’re hot. But they should not drink and skate after because it’s just depressing.

On that note let’s drink. Look out for these 2 on your travels, they pack the blues and have an album out right now. Click here for the goods.