Fake Problems interview

Fake Problems are a band who have recently released their second album “It’s Great to Be Alive,” they’ve toured all over the place extensively, and their latest release was produced by AJ Mogis, not a bad resume for a relatively young band!

They just scoured Europe with Frank Turner and Jonathan Teggart caught up with singer/guitarist Chris Farren to ask him a few questions on why Fakey P’s are becoming a name that is on everyone’s lips in the UK right now.

So Chris, Fake Problems started out as a one man project, what was it like for others to join an already established one man project, and how was it for you to adapt to being in a band?

Well, this is a pretty common misconception the public has about our band. Although I started the band, I never played solo or marketed the band like that. It was just a brief period where I didn’t know anyone I wanted to be in a band with. I had been in bands before, so I was used to working with other people.

So, where does the name come from?

The name Fake Problems is just taken from a quote from the movie “Predator 2”.

Touring’s obviously an important part of your band, why do you feel it’s so important being on tour?

In our experience, and the experience of many of our friends, touring is the only real way to thrive as a young band. We meet countless new friends and other bands, it’s great for networking. And it’s also great to travel the world at such young ages as us. It can get tiring, and isolating to be away from home for so long – but at a certain point the road gives me that sense of familiarity and comfort.

What are the main things that influence you as a band?

I’d say personal relationships, goals, ambition and FUN.

You guys are influenced by Bright Eyes and Cursive, what was it like working with AJ Mogis on your new album?

It was AMAZING! AJ is such a great producer and he was the perfect fit for “It’s Great To Be Alive“. He really captured the sound we wanted to create and has a great creative mind.

Is this the first time you guys have ever played with Frank Turner, does he influence you at all?

Frank Turner is a massive influence on me. He’s been a friend of ours for the past two or three years. I was introduced to his music by my friend Jeremy, from the great Touche Amore. We had the CD for a while, and then Casey Lee, our guitarist, asked Frank if he’d like to be a part of his Good Friends Records. GFR put out “Campfire Punkrock” on 10″, and we toured twice in the states with Frank as support.

What’s it been like coming back to the UK and how has this time around with Frank Turner differed to your other visits? What do you have in store for the UK in the future?

This time around is great! It’s very massive crowds and it’s the most exposure we’ve ever gotten in the UK. It’s a bit alienating at times, as people are specifically here to see Frank and don’t really care about us -but it’s essentially our job to make them care. We’ve had a few successful headline UK tours that have gone over well – and we plan to come back sometime in April 2010 for another headline run.

I see that you’re touring with the Dillinger Escape Plan, there’ll be a wide group of people at them shows, do you think Dillinger fans will be able to get into your music?

It’s a pretty eclectic tour – Thursday, DEP and us. I think each band brings something totally unique to the table, and from my experience, each band has pretty open minded fans. I think we’ll be received well.

Finally what other plans have you got for the future?

We’re currently working on writing our third full length record, which will hopefully be out in Summer 2010. We have about 20 songs written and five that I really like. We’ll see what happens.

Check out their album “It’s Great to be Alive” is currently out on Side One Dummy Records, and it’s awesome so go check it out!