Broadway Calls interview

BROADWAY CALLS‘ second album (their first for legendary indie SideOneDummy) has just been released and we caught up with singer/guitarist Ty Vaughn to find out more about the album, what the band has been up to this year and what they have coming up.

Good Views, Bad News‘ is out now and the band play Reading and Leeds, as well as supporting The Offspring and Rival Schools this month.

Hi Ty, tell us what were the main inspirations for your new album?

Mostly just trying to cope with a harsh northwest winter. I got snowed in, and trying to write a good pop punk summer album when the power is out, and there’s a blizzard outside isn’t easy. So I would listen to Teenage Bottlerocket, Jimmy Eat World, Screeching Weasel… Poppy stuff, but the lyrics were closer to Jawbreaker.

How do you feel about it being released through Side One Dummy?

We’re so happy to be with them. They’re the best. Such a great roster of bands, and it’s an honor to be a part of it. They work really hard with us, and we’re a good match.

You’ve toured with some pretty amazing bands this year (and are about to hit the UK with Rival Schools and The Offspring). What have been the highlights?

Touring with Alkaline Trio across Europe for a month was incredible. We had never been to mainland Europe, so to experience it for the first time, with one of our favorite bands, was literally a dream come true. Also we did a headlining tour of the West coast, with an amazing band called The Menzingers. That was extremely fun.

Who would you put on your ideal tour?

Green Day, Blink 182, Dead To Me, and us. I’d love to watch Chicken from DTM make fun of the crowds every night.

What’s the best line-up you’ve ever been a part of?

Tomorrow we’re playing a fest in California with Comadre, Dead To Me, Hour Of The Wolf, Make Do And Mend, Sabretooth Zombie and lots of others. Our friends in Set It Straight had a final show a couple years ago, and it was pretty much every amazing hardcore band from the West coast. That was one of my favorite shows ever.

What bands come to mind when you think of the ultimate punk rock show?

The Ramones, Jawbreaker, The Descendents, Green Day, Kid Dynamite, Refused!

What are the best and worst things about touring?

The best thing is meeting new friends, and seeing familiar faces every night. The worst thing is missing loved ones at home.

What do you think of the Reading and Leeds line-up? Who will you be checking out?

I haven’t seen AFI for years! Never seen Brand New. Stoked to see Frank Turner, Gaslight Anthem, Radiohead, and we’re going a day early to see the lock-up bands. Lots of friends on that stage like Polar Bear Club and Set Your Goals.

What’s been the greatest achievement of your career so far?

Definitely our new record. It’s the biggest, best thing we’ve ever created. That and being able to travel around the world doing the one thing that we love more than anything.

You were originally signed to Billie Joe’s label. If you had your own record label, what up and coming bands would you like to sign?

The Menzingers!!!! They don’t need my help though. They’re going to be just fine on their own. Everyone please check them out!!!!

What’s the most important thing you learnt when you were a band just starting out?

Be honest. Don’t be fake in the songs or on stage. People see right through that stuff.

What are your feelings on the digital versus physical in terms of music releases? Will physical formats ever become obsolete do you think?

I hope not. I understand that formats come and go, but vinyl is making a comeback, because it’s still cool to sit down and look through the liner notes of an album and look at the artwork. I hope it never goes 100% digital.

What are your plans for the rest of the year? Will there be a full headline tour in the UK at any point?

We’ll definitely be back in the UK this year, but we’ll probably be supporting someone. And trust me, it’s an amazing punk/hardcore band! We’re stoked!!!


Keep on guessing who that band will be but in the meantime Broadway Calls’ new album is released this very week and we’re pleased as punch to present an exclusive track from the record for streaming at this link HERE. Go have a listen to ‘Best Year’- you can also stream the rest of the album by clicking through on the ‘webwheel’.