Bonded By Blood Interview

Thrash Metal was revived in 2008 with the ‘Thrashing Like A Maniac’ European tour taking the headlines.

Bonded By Blood joined Gama Bomb and Sworn Amongst for this Thrash off and came out of it with their heads held high.

Alex Gosman met singer Aladdin at the London show to find out a little about what makes them tick.

So, I gather from your name that you’re big Exodus fans, then? How did you first discover Exodus and thrash metal in general?

Exodus was one of the first Thrash bands I had ever listened to. It was by mistake really. I was in a Crossover band at the time. Some guy had a CD played that looked like mine i turned it on expecting to listen to some D.R.I and I ended up listening to Exodus it was love at first listen. I was in Middle school at the time so was around 13 yrs of age. That was my introduction to thrash I’m sure the rest of the band has their own stories.

Your album out on Earache is called ‘Feed The Beast’ – any story behind the title?

The cover portrays it all. It’s all one big metaphor. The beast is the city that takes you in and spits you back out and you as a human instead of helping society out you keep feeding it.

Is there a good thrash scene in Pomona/California in general? And have you ever crossed the border to play some shows in Mexico? If so, what was that like?

Pomona has never really had a great thrash or metal scene in general. Pomona had a good punk scene when i was growing up here. If you wanted to hear some thrash bands you had to get in your car drive 30 minutes west out of Pomona to LA backyard shows. California now has a real good thrash scene with really good bands in it. We have never had the pleasure to go south of the border. One day soon we will.

What inspires you lyrically? And do you think that we, as the human race, are ultimately doomed?

Lyrically Its mostly all about human experiences. Shit you go through on a daily life. I honestly do believe we are doomed and no one is doing anything about it.

Is Carlos surname really Cerveza?! And what is BBB’s favourite alcoholic beverage of choice?

Haha no Carlos surname is Regalado. They just call him that cus hes always drinking. There are 2 fave drinks, when we are in the mood to get fucked up fast it’s Bacardi 151, when its beer drinking its Mexican beer Corona.

What makes you all happy? And what pisses you off?

Skateboarding makes me happy. Some people in the human race piss me off.

What are your plans for the near future as a band?

Tour Tour Tour and tour some more. Write new songs for the 2nd album and that’s about it.

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