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(Tangled Talk / Day By Day)


Pop-punk in the most old-school of senses (well maybe not the *most* old school, but not the namby pamby new-school), Gnarwolves’ debut EP is packed with short, sharp nuggets of riotous goodness. Barely stepping over the punk-rock two minute marker with this sextet of tracks, the slightly gruff vocals are earnest and rousing. You can imagine them inciting a drunken singalong of the highest order.

Despite being short in length, there is nothing throwaway about these tracks. Rather they’re anthemic and heaped with raw emotion. In a good way. Guitars rollick along to a joyous drumbeat until ‘Community, Stability, Identity’ breaks things up with a decidedly slower pace, starting off with an eerie sense of quiet and then crashing into a full-on onslaught of instrumentals; it’s reminiscent of something off Weezer’s Pinkerton.

The perfect marriage of party and poignancy is achieved on this EP which harks back to early Saves The Day and Hot Water Music with a dash of something a tad more modern. A cracking debut.

Sarah Maynard