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Devo – Something for Everybody Interview Pt. 1

When we heard that DEVO’s Mark Mothersbaugh was visiting London to talk up the band’s first album release in 20 years, we could not sit back and let it pass for this was our opportunity to meet the man at the helm of one the world’s most amazing bands. The new album Something for Everybody really was a fantastic surprise, many bands come back expecting to re-live the sweetness they tasted back in the day only to find out that their audiences have moved on…in DEVO’s case, their music can never date as it is one of life’s timeless delicacies that continues to be served up to new generations of people that know good music who usually become obsessed with their legacy as we did.

When we met Mark he was very complimentary of the fact that we are skateboarders, and commenting that skaters have always supported his band from day one. He grabbed the longboard we took along that Globe rolled out last year for their DEVO collab series, left his teeth marks in the paintwork and rolled some dice before turning our stickers in to rave sunglasses…

Enjoy the first webisode from the 30 minutes allocated to this session and find the second webisode here.

The new album Something for Everybody is released on Warner Bros and available right now. Go to for more.

Thanks to Tim Mogridge and Martyn Thomas for filming and Alan Christensen on the edit.