Crossfire Buzzbombs: 10 featured tracks for February

Big Ups – Goes Black

Let’s kick this off with something new that pays homage to the good old days of 80s hardcore and gets away with it. With brash stompers like ‘Goes Black’, Brooklyn punks Big Ups can shout all they goddam want. We will be listening. They sit somewhere between Career Suicide, Regulations and Fugazi. UK live dates this week.- Zac

Vertical Scratchers – Memory Shards

Another new track from what could well be the album of the year dropped last week. Vertical Scratchers is one part John Schmersal (Enon/Brainiac) another part Christian Beaulieu (Triclops!/Anywhere) and is catchier than the Beatles and the Beach Boys together. The full album stream is here. Do it. – Zac

Habits – ‘Splendor of the Panic’

Habits is the brainchild of electronic visionary Dustin M. Krapes, pro wrestler Dithy Ramb and taxidermist Gabriel Armenta. Together this trio of freaks create a huge, synthesized fuss. Brought to you from the stellar Fleeting Youth Records,’Splendor of the panic’ is a collage of fuzzy, psychedelic grooves. Get into it. – Dave Palmer

Tideland – ‘Carved In Mine’

We all like a spot of shoegazing from time to time don’t we! Especially when it’s mixed with some post-hardcore snarl and splattered with sincerely rocking riffs. Taken from their 2013 album Lull,’Carved In Mine’ will have you hooked on Tideland in an instant. If you get a buzz surfing waves of distortion and crave a soaking of delicious guitar hooks then this is the band for you. – Dave Palmer

Thee Oh Sees – ‘Penetrating Eye’

Despite announcing that they’re going on a hiatus in December ’13, Thee Oh Sees clearly couldn’t fight the urge to create some more fuzzed up slabs of space rock, having just unveiled the crushing ‘Penetrating Eye’. New album ‘Drop’ gets a release in April.- Joe Parry

Future Death – ‘Basements’

By replacing some of the aggression in Perfect Pussy with a Fang Island-esque sense of playfulness, Austin’s Future Death have created a track that is as sugary sweet as it is disorientating. At just 2.20, you’ll be pressing play over and over to get your fix. – Joe Parry

The So So Glos – ‘Lost Weekend’

This band tore down the walls of the Sebright Arms and the Garage this week with their fun filled sing-a-long tunes and sneer-laden punk swagger. ‘Lost Weekend’ was the highlight and had the room shaking. – Zac

Pussy Riot – ‘Putin Will Teach You How To Love’

Famous for everything but their music, on this track Pussy Riot finally hit out with some seething punk rock rage that belts as hard musically as it does politically. We know they’re not a ‘band’, we know music is not the main objective, but it’s great to hear this anger set to some high-energy noise. There’s nothing out there more punk than this. These girls have serious guts. Anyone who saw the shocking footage of Pussy Riot being attacked outside the Sochi Olympics (footage of which is featured in this video) will know just how much of a threat they are considered to be by the Russian authorities. And when was the last time you could say that punk was an actual threat? – James Sherry

Psychedelic Black – ‘Melting’

‘Melting’ is the first outing by an artist called Logan Hyde from Boise, Idaho. It’s rare that a song is so perfectly titled; ‘Melting’ positively drips with lysergic, squelching psychedelic pop that is utterly morish and highly addictive. This is all there is for now but if ‘Melting’ is anything to go by, there’s going to be huge potential in Psychedelic Black’s future work. The Flaming Lips better watch their backs. – James Sherry

Fat White Family – Touch The Leather (Redux)

This will go down as one of the most classic videos of 2014 without a doubt. But aside from Roger Sargent’s incredible direction, musically Fat White Family have been a joy to listen to so far with their dose of seedy psych and thought provoking garage steez. – Zac