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Ugly Mouth
(Fierce Panda)

Wounds are a new band crawling out of the Dublin punk scene with their obnoxious take on Punk. This 2 song EP consists of 2 songs, ugly mouth and trees, both odd names to music that is quite odd itself.

Ugly Mouth is a song based around one riff; a fast but grungy piece of guitar work, and the rest of the song grows from that. The phrase “kill the body and the head will die” haunts the song as it is shouted throughout it.

Trees takes a more groove filled bass line and makes it the foundations of the song. This song could appeal to a wider audience, as it sounds quite similar to some of the electro indie bands that are very popular at the moment. The vocals are very prominent in this song, screaming with desperation and anger.

These 2 songs are extremely ambient and for some reason disturbing. The tones used in the guitars, the clever use of feedback and eerie lyrics provide a great atmosphere. It sounds like the soundtrack to some futuristic post apocalyptic thriller. Combining all sorts of influence from styles such as punk, electro and industrial to achieve their sound.

I can’t imagine myself ever sitting down and listening to these songs though, I think they’d be interesting to see live, and I can imagine them providing a good soundtrack for a club, but I feel no different after listening. Wounds definitely fit in with the music market right now, but we’ll have to wait and see whether they are successful or if they fade away.

Jonathan Teggert