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The Joker And The Thief
(Modular Records/Island)

2006 has been a stand out year for Australia’s finest export, Wolfmother. With sales of their debut album topping a phenomenal 900,000 sales and jaw dropping sets at Reading and Leeds, the big haired rockers return for one last tussle for the year with their single ‘The Joker And The Thief’.

There are many bands that spring to mind when listening to Wolfmother, but they seem to be coming into their own, and whilst they’re undoubtedly heavily influenced by 70s rock – they’re have their own unique take on it. Handpicked by Johnny Knoxville for the lead track in his painful new outing in ‘Jackass 2′, ‘The Joker and The Thief’ is a slice of melodic rock, with an almost Led Zeppelin-esque backdrop, guitars are flamboyant and moody, but the chorus never quite cranks into action as you’re expecting. This single’s something to revel in, it’s a fairytale, “I’ll tell you all the story about the joker and the thief of the night..”, played with confidence and despite lacking the expected hooks, it works.

Wolfmother hark back to the days of Deep Purple and the like, but their 70’s rock kaleidoscope of guitars and throbbing bass combined with Andrew Stockdale’s heady vocals, are the perfect recipe for a track worthy of fronting ‘Jackass’. Listen with the lights dimmed and let the good times roll…

Released November 20th….