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We Are Scientists

We are Scientists
The Great Escape

Hailing from Brooklyn, We Are Scientists took the UK by storm with their infectious, unpretentious indie calling card. Straddling the line between darker pop punk and retro indie chic, they manage to avoid the mutated indie ‘scene’ and come out the other side still smelling of roses. Tracks off the album like ‘This Scene is Dead’ and ‘Cash Cow’ seem content with self awareness, bright and sharp,’ and ‘Inaction‘ even seems to give the scene a good kicking.

On the flip side they also produced the wonderfully seductive ” Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt” slithers its way around your mind with vocals courtesy of frontman Keith Murray. The three piece describe their sound as “advanced high level sectional articulation”, its layers of guitars with disco beats, curling basslines combine with intelligent lyrics, thumping chorus lines and some sparkling tunes.

One thing’s for sure – they do seem fond of re-releasing tracks. With ‘Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt’ re-released earlier this year, they’re following it up with the quirky, unbelievably catchy ‘The Great Escape’. With the summer (questionably) upon us, the more buzzing, upbeat and addictive tracks the better- and this is an absolute blinder of an indie gem. Exhilarating, exciting, topped off with a wonderful sense of urgency- this could be the anthem of the summer, and the soundtrack to the festivals. Scuzzy guitars and staccato turns, this is unchallenging, unmitigated fun – turn it up loud and enjoy!