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Wax Tailor

Wax Tailor
Hope & Sorrow
(Decon Inc)

French producer Wax Tailor aka JC Le Saout is back with his second album, the follow up to his critically acclaimed debut Tales Of The Forgotten Memories.

The press release states that Wax Tailor bears similarities to DJ Shadow and RJD2, a tough billing to live up to, and whilst he does feature some of the traits that made those two brilliant artists so good, he brings his own style to the proceedings, highlighted most with the smooth vocals of Charlotte Savary.

His leaning towards the orchestral side of the musical spectrum is where he really excels, bringing a vast cacophany of sounds around his consistantly on-point drums. Even without the vocal talents of Savary, the hotch-potch of nationalities that is ASM, Ursula Rucker and the majestic Sharon Jones, Tailor’s music flows brilliantly and delivers an album that early Shadow and RJD2 would be proud of.

You can hear the track Once Upon A Past, the album’s opening track, by clicking above.