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Wax Idols

Wax Idols
‘Sound of a Void’
Slumberland Records

Instantly recalling the darker edge of the 80s but with enough intensity to avoid sounding like an unoriginal pastiche ‘Sound of a Void’ is one of the most instantly engaging tracks from Wax Idols forthcoming full-length ‘Discipline & Desire’ and is now available as a free download. Hugely powerful and undeniably sexual, the track reverberates with a passionate longing, emphasised by singer Hether Fortune’s striking monotone. Taking her cue from icons such as Siouxsie Sioux, if ‘Sound of a Void’ is anything to go by, there’s no reason why Fortune won’t be similarly revered.

An outspoken and intelligent musician, who also happens to be a dominatrix when she’s not playing with Wax Idols, Fortune manages to be the focal point of the band without distracting from the talent of the rest of the group. The fact that she is a former member of bands as disparate as ‘Hunx and His Punks’ and ‘Blasted Canyons’ might make you think that her foray into the murky world of goth-inspired post-punk is merely a fad – one listen to ‘Discipline & Desire’ is enough to convince anyone of Fortune’s conviction and passion for her art. Treading a fine line between complete control and a dangerous sense that something may unravel at any moment, Wax Idols sound is abrasive and severe, yet melodic enough to be completely absorbing and alluring.

‘Discipline & Desire’ is released through Slumberland Records (who have previously put out records from buzzy acts like Veronica Falls, Dum Dum Girls and Girls Names) in the UK on June 3rd. Definitely not one to be missed if you like your post-punk dark but never dreary.

Augustus Groove