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(Nuclear Blast)

Of all of the eighties speed and thrash metal bands, Voivod were always the most inventive and artistically creative. Originally inspired by the chaotic noise of early Slayer and Venom, as the decade progressed they morphed into a state of the art metal band, incorporating psychedelic and progressive rock influences for a sound that was truly their own and never bettered. And at last, they’re back.

Despite the sad and recent death of founding member Denis ‘Piggy’ Damour, Voivod return stronger than ever with a breath-taking set of new recordings, all thanks to Piggy. Even on his death bed, Piggy was recording guitar parts on his laptop and made one last call to his band mates telling them where to find the guitar parts on his personal computer and urging them to finish them and release a new Voivod album. Piggy would not be disappointed. ‘Katorz’ is the Voivod album fans have been waiting for. With ex-Metallica bassist Jason Newstead now firmly settled in as the band’s bassist (maybe not financially, but artistically a very good move considering the total crud Metallica churn out these days), Voivod are very much back.