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TV On The Radio

TV On The Radio
Return to Cookie Mountain

Are you sitting there just waiting for something fresh to explode in your ears right now? Bored of the same of rubbish that mags like the NME keep going on about week after week? Well, I don’t read their mag but I guess they are all over this like a rash as TV On The Radio are back with a brand new album and I can tell you it’s an incredible experience from start to finish.

Unique sounds are hard to find but this 5 piece have found a sound that sits between heaven and hell and right on the edge. But before you start thinking it’s heavy metal, read on, as this is some of the best scenic indie rock you will find this summer that mixes an incredible production with creative thoughts that you would only really associate with bands such as The Flaming Lips and Fugazi but TV On The Radio sound nothing like either. They have their own sound that could easily soundscape an old 1930’s chain gang film, multitracking vocals, mixing the voices of man and woman to create a beautiful blend of harmonies that your ears are screaming out for.

The track “Hour” is one of the stand out tracks on this epic 11 track album, in fact you can hear it on this very page. It has the same feel to it as some of the newer Dischord artists like Q and not U. In fact there is absolutely no point in mentioning every single track on this album as they all form a jigsaw puzzle that all falls into place as you play the entire record. But look out for forthcoming single Wolf Like Me as it’s a rocking little gem that will encapsulate you.

This band are really difficult to pigeonhole but they are a lot easier to house in your CD collection so go out of your way to get this record as it’s out on July 3rd on 4AD.

Chuck Bangers